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Bob Bird is a Health, Fitness & Bio-Hacking Blogger / Podcaster for his site,

Having Studied personal training, Bob now helps people discover their own passion for building a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

“I originally started NHO back in 2011 as a way to record my musings about health and fitness. I love helping people find out more about how fantastic their body can feel and perform with a little knowledge and support.”


“Originally started on BlogSpot as Maybe-Ultra, I was thinking of trying ultra running at the time, since starting the site I have studied Fitness Instructing and Personal Training. “

“As of 2018 I started a podcast for the site – The New health Outlook Show.”

On this site, you will find a growing archive of all the information you will need to achieve your personal health and fitness goals, a Facebook Page: Newhealthoutlookuk and a growing community of people who share the same goals.

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