Welcome to New Health Outlook: a site run by me, Bob Bird, a passionate 40+ health, fitness and biohacking blogger. Having studied to be a personal trainer, in order to improve my understanding, I now want to spread the knowledge and help people discover how simple and rewarding a healthy life can be.

If like me, you suffer from Depression and Anxiety, then there is no need to let these conditions beat you!!

THE NHS MOODZONE, and may other sites, point to health and fitness being beneficial to your mental state of mind. But sometimes it can be hard, on your own, to do the things necessary to improve your health. 

Being a sufferer of depression and anxiety myself, I can emphasise with your situation and help you.

On this site, you will find a growing archive of all the information you will need to achieve your personal health and fitness goals, a Facebook Page: Newhealthoutlookuk and a growing community of people who share the same goals.

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I wish You Good Health and Happiness.

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