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Whole-body vibration training is a great way to get in shape. After all, always working out hard doesn’t sound all that enticing, does it?

Running around for miles, doing dozens of pushups, HIIT or even lifting weights is just too strenuous. If you’re a young twenty-something-year-old who wants to achieve a certain body type, maybe this sounds inviting, but for those who aren’t, there might be better exercises to do in order to stay fit. One such exercise is whole-body vibration training.

Whole-body vibration training may not sound familiar now, but in a couple of years, it might be the most used and dominant exercise in your local gym. It's simple, easy to do, and has incredible, long-lasting effects. Click To Tweet

Perhaps the reason why whole-body vibration training isn’t all that well-known yet is because not a lot of celebrities are openly doing it.

The A-listers with the beautiful and healthy bodies are always shown to be jogging and lifting weights, but not doing whole-body vibration exercise. but don’t be fooled as there are a lot of prominent people who do this sort of training, and here are a few of them.

Oprah Winfrey

Perhaps the most prominent of all the people in this list is Oprah Winfrey. The famous talk show host-turned-media mogul is known to promote a healthy lifestyle, especially with her “Favorites Lists” that many people follow. Around the 1980s and 90s, when her talk show was the number one program on TV, she was pressured to lose weight in order to gain more viewership. It’s said that part of what helped her trim down her figure was doing whole-body vibration training, an exercise that she still does to this day.


To this day, Cher is still a force to be reckoned with. In the 1970s, when she co-hosted her own variety show, she was known as one of the sexiest people on television. As the years went by, she also became known as a style icon, donning risque outfits that further showed off her exemplary figure. Today, her figure is just as trim as ever thanks to whole-body vibration training. In fact, it’s widely believed that it was this superstar that told others to go for this sort of exercise as well.


Another pop star known for her figure is Madonna. This iconic musical superstar has been a trendsetter and style icon since the 1980’s, most of which is thanks in part of her amazing body. The fashions she helped popularized were revealing and sexy, and in the vein of Cher’s, helped highlight her well-kept figure. Today, she’s still rocking the same hot body and dancing freely on the stage, all thanks to whole-body vibration training.

Cindy Crawford

Among the supermodels that rose to prominence in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Cindy Crawford was arguably the sexiest of the lot. With her piercing eyes, lioness-like hair, and iconic beauty mark, she set new standards of beauty and sexiness that the world still aspires to today. Now, even though she has a daughter who’s become a supermodel in her own right, Crawford is still as sexy as ever. Part of her fitness regime is whole-body vibration training, which she’s said to do every day.

Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox is one of the most beautiful and sexiest women in Hollywood today. Apart from her ice-blue eyes and jet-black hair, she also boasts a banging body that can rival any of the twenty and thirty-something-year-olds on Instagram. She’s even maintained her weight and trim figure since her heyday in “Friends.” This is thanks to whole-body vibration training, a part of her fitness regime that she has shared often to her fans. She’s one of the most vocal celebrities of the exercise and the results of such are clearly seen.

Ruth Winder

One of the younger prominent people in this list is Ruth Binder. This famous cyclist is only in her twenties, an age where she can do just about every exercise there is to be done, but she’s chosen whole-body vibration training as part of her fitness regime. She’s incorporated the exercise in her own personal training for the sport, which may have helped her be able to win races left and right.

The Broncos

Another athlete or a group of athletes, who are known to do whole-body vibration training is the Broncos. The Denver-based football team relies on this particular exercise to keep them into tip-top shape for every game, especially their star player, Peyton Manning. Manning has been a vocal advocate for whole-body vibration training and has been seen in videos doing the exercise. This sort of training is also a nice and relaxing juxtaposition from their normal training of tackling and pushing each other to the ground.

Mark Wahlberg

No one can deny that Mark Wahlberg is one of the fittest Hollywood celebrities today. Since his rapper days as “Marky Mark,” he’s been showing off his jacked body in various movies and music videos. Part of what helps him achieve such peak physical fitness is whole-body vibration training. Like Courtney Cox, Wahlberg has also become a vocal advocate of this type of exercise and has released various commercials promoting it. To this day, even at an advanced age, he still looks as fit, strong, and healthy as ever before.

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood may be too mature for ordinary physical exercise, but he’s known to do some whole-body vibration training in his spare time. It’s one of the few exercises he does to maintain his fit figure, one that’s been carefully managed for a few decades now. He himself has released testimonials praising the exercise to be strong and effective, as well as a relaxing part of his fitness regime. Now, he shares this exercise with his own son, Scott, who’s also known to have a good body.

Derek Hough

Dancers are known to do whole-body vibration training. It relaxes their muscles before having to dance on stage. Of the many prominent dancers who do this exercise, none is arguably as famous as Derek Hough of “Dancing With The Stars.” During each and every season of the acclaimed dancing show, he influences his many A-list partners to do the same in order for them to have a great performance. In fact, it’s widely believed that the entire cast of this iconic dancing show are also into whole-body vibration training.

Never underestimate a good exercise even though you’ve never done it yourself. These prominent celebrities and more stand as physical testaments of the effects of whole-body vibration training and why it’s becoming popular nowadays.

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