So… what is an online fitness personal trainer?

Over the past few years, there has been tremendous growth in lifestyle diseases, and this can be significantly attributed to bad eating habits, lack of exercises and living an unhealthy lifestyle, among other reasons.

These diseases have led to several deaths not only in the UK but in the world at large. Thus, raising the alarm on how people should change their lifestyles.

To help facilitate a healthy lifestyle, most people have resorted to working out, so that they stay healthy.

Every individual has their aim in mind while carrying out exercises, and these aims may include; looking for a perfect body and shape, losing fat, having an ideal physique, growing muscles and remaining healthy.

Having a virtual fitness trainer is a new and fast-growing occurrence within the health and fitness sector. But the question remains, what is an online fitness personal trainer?

What is online fitness training, and how does it work?

When people ask me, what is an online fitness personal trainer? I tell them that it is simply a virtual way of working out under the guidance of an online fitness trainer.

It involves the use of the available internet software to work out rather than a face to face trainer. It can be in the form of a program, an app, e-mail based training or a site where someone can visit to access the fitness programs.

The trainer does provide not only fitness guidance, but also guidance in terms of nutrition; therefore, it helps out in showing which foods are healthy for the body, and those that should be avoided, both before working out, and after working out.

All these can be accessed using a phone, iPad, computer or television. Every program is conducted differently. These different programs ensure that the workouts are tailored to meet different needs.

Types of exercises that can be done with a virtual personal trainer

1. Jump squats

Jump squats help in working on the gluteal muscles, lower abs and leg muscles. They also help in shedding fat from the lower body and also help in improving strength and body balance.

2. Cardio training

Cardio training exercises are necessary for a healthy working heart. They aid in building muscles, burning calories and making you feel better. Some of the cardio exercises available on virtual training platforms include;

a) Jump rope

Entails turning a rope with handles as you jump over it repeatedly

b) Jogging in place

One constantly jogs in a stationary position for a specific duration depending on one’s plan

c) Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks involves repeatedly jumping with the feet wide, at the same time circling arms over the head, again and again

d) Bear Crawl Push-Ups

These push-ups involve squatting to the floor, walking with the hands to do a push-up, walking back the hands, and standing up steadily like a bear hence the name bear crawl push-ups.

3. Bodyweight workouts

Bodyweight workouts help in weight management. They also increase body mobility and stability, building muscles and preventing injuries to the body. Some of these exercises include press-ups, spider crawl, and burpees.

Benefits of using a virtual personal trainer

It cost-effective

A virtual fitness trainer is a pocket-friendly way to work out and get fit. Most people can meet the costs associated with it. Compared to going to the gym for sessions which may require frequent payments, having a fitness trainer on the internet will cost you less. Some of the expenses associated with going to a gym in person may include transport costs since you have to go to and fro. You then have to pay your gym instructor, and the charge may vary depending on the work out you want to do. In the case of virtual training, all you need is a perfect internet connection and an electronic gadget to facilitate the training. Gyms also have membership fees which may be expensive.

It is very convenient.

It is convenient in that one can carry out their training at the comfort of their homes or at a place where one feels comfortable. There is no need to go all the way to the gym, yet you can access all fitness programs virtually. It also relieves you of the stress of trying to keep up with the time gyms will be closing. You can work out at any time of the day from any place you like.

It can serve many clients at once

It can accommodate a large number of clients at once that is, many people can access the different sites at the same time without congestion, as compared to the gym, where space can be limited should many clients turn-up at the same time.

It is flexible and offers a variety.

Flexibility and variety are about the fact that with a virtual coach, you can explore a range of exercises and know what works for you. There are many options provided for you, depending on the results you desire after your working out sessions.

With technology being dynamic, one can get access to a range of fitness programs on the internet, which has been customized to satisfy the needs of different clients and thus attaining a healthy lifestyle. It is always essential to ensure that the program that you choose can go hand in hand with your fitness goals.

Author: Ryan Stintson
As an experienced content writer for Technical Writers, Ryan possesses an A* A level in English Literature. After taking a gap year, before acquiring a full time career in content creation, Ryan also worked as a personal trainer for his local gym where he developed his wealth of knowledge in the health and fitness industry.

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