Thoughts from the FaceBook Page… Jan 20 2019.

Back from this mornings early long run. Nothing special just a 6:30 am slow 10 miles along the Bristol Portway, watching the sunrise and listening to the sounds of nature waking up to a damp and cool Sunday morning.

Although I have been running to work more often recently, 10 miles is still a big increase in my normal long runs of late. why? well because I felt like it and mentally I knew I could do it…

So what is the point of this weekends post?

Well, I want to throw 2 points out there this week and see if any of them help in any way.

Point 1
Writing these posts about my recent recovery and move back to training is a form of accountability, and accountability is a great motivator that anyone can use as leverage to achieve great things.

If you want to tell us about what your goals are, please do. Feel free to use this group for your accountability. You don’t need to go into great details but having something to hold yourself accountable against will be an enormous boost in helping you build those new healthy habits or train for your goal.

Point 2 
There is and always will be a mind game when it comes to exercise. There will be days that your mind is raring to go and your body is aching or days when your muscles feel refreshed but mentally you’re wading through treacle.

Presuming that illness is not the underlying cause, you have to decide if a rest day is what you need or if you can push through it and do your workout.

Just listen to your body and apply some common sense. Are you just mentally tired from lack of sleep or poor recovery? Or do you need to inject a new activity into your routine to spice up your training?

If the mind is good but your body is aching, are you fully recovered from your last workout or do you potentially have an injury starting to creep in?

My cardio training of choice is running, sometimes times you can push yourself out of the door and do your warmup, start feeling better and then carry on with the main focus of your session.

Other days you may still feel lousy or have aches after you have warmed up. These may need stretching or be warning signs of a potential injury in the making. In this case, throttle back and take time to heal and recover.

Whatever training you prefer, take some time to learn the tell-tale signs of potential injury or exhaustion and you will not only recover quicker but potentially come back stronger too.

Do let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below and I hope you enjoy many a happy training session, whatever your passion.

Stay healthy friends

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