Thoughts from the FaceBook Page… Feb 10 2019.

Hi folks, I spotted something in the news this week that I wanted to bring your attention to. And that is the link between obesity and cancer.

I read about this again this week in on the BBC and It struck me that this might be one way to motivate yourself or a family member to take better care of themselves.

According to the article, which takes its findings from a 1996-2014 study by the American Cancer Society and published in the Lancet Public Health, found that cancer rates increased in line with the obesity of an individual.

“Research suggests bowel cancer, womb cancer, oesophageal (food pipe) cancer, cancer of the kidney, liver, upper stomach, gallbladder, ovarian, thyroid, meningioma 
(a type of brain tumour) and multiple myeloma (a type of blood cancer) and breast cancer in women after the menopause have all been linked to obesity.”

You may have thought that fat was inert and just sat there looking unattractive and in some cases lumpy. But fat is active and can send signals to other parts of the body. These signals tell cells to divide more quickly.

This not only increases the chances of cancer developing in the body but also increases the likelihood that these “mutations” will keep dividing and lead to tumours.

I won’t go into further detail here or quote more of the article but the original BBC article can be found HERE:

But to summarise…

Being overweight increases your likelihood of developing cancer earlier in life.

My takeaway from reading this…

Get rid of your excess fat, nothing excessive required, just be a sensible weight for your height.

Stay Healthy friends.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below…

Have an awesome week 

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