Shakesphere, a better shaker?


I recently had the chance to try out a Shakesphere which is a shaker with a difference.

The difference is that the inside of the shakesphere is round, so no tight corners for your powder to get trapped in, and we all know how annoying it is to get a load of unmixed protein powder stuck in the bottom of your shaker.

The first thing I noticed was the finish. It has a slightly rubbery feeling to it which gives it a nice matte finish, there are also Frosted and Gloss versions available.

The Shakesphere also has a nice sliding cap, unlike conventional shaker caps which can stick up, get in the way and also make a mess if there is anything on the underside of the cap. Whilst it may not sound like much, this is a handy little feature and a nice touch.

Testing Shakesphers

So, to give this shaker a good test the first thing I tried was a normal mixing of water first and powder.

As you would expect the shakesphere worked a treat and had no leakage or annoying dribbles when shook, like at least one brand of shaker I have had in the past.

So I moved on to dry powder with water on top, this being the order that I find creates the usual, unmixed mess in the bottom of my other shakers.

I am very pleased to report that there were no mixing problems and the resulting shake had no unexpected dry lumps hiding towards the bottom.

So on to the final test… mixing a banana!!

Now I must be honest that I have tried mixing bananas in a shaker before, with less than favourable results so I was a bit sceptical about the success of this last test. as the video above shows, this should work a treat with the new shakesphere and I was not disappointed.

Take 1 ripe banana and shake, I shook mine for 10 seconds. You really do get a nice banana puree!!

Add some milk or water along with your protein powder and you have a quick easy breakfast.

The conclusion?

For the record, I am not affiliated with Shakesphere and I am very happy to give it a big hearty thumbs up!

You would think that there is very little improvement that could be made to a basic shaker but Shakesphere has managed no only to fix some of the annoying problems you get with normal shakers but do it with a bit of added style.

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