Matcha Powder

Matcha Powder

Matcha Powder is quite versatile.

Here are two of the alternative ways to use it.

There are many Matcha tea powders on the market and you need to be careful of the one you chose because many are packed with artificial sweeteners and the quality of the Matcha Powder varies greatly from batch to batch.

There can be concerns over the source of Matcha Tea and the lead content of the resultant Matcha Powder.

You should be aware that, as the whole leaf is consumed, you will ingest a greater quantity of any lead contained in the leaf. has a good section on Lead contamination in Matcha Tea Powders.

Matcha Powder in Capsule form.

Catechin EGCG, is one of the most beneficial elements in Matcha Green Tea Powder and research has found that EGCG can be just as effective when taken in tablet form.

Here are the three main qualities of Matcha Powder to be aware of:

“Best” Quality.

A standardised extract which is dried and placed into a capsule to form a “Green Tea” or “Matcha Tea” supplement in health food stores.

“Other” Quality.
Brewed to extract the catechins (antioxidants) this form is used in lower quality food supplements, beverages and skin care products.

“Caffeine-free” pills.
As above but is a further processed and concentrated form of catechins, without the caffeine.

Try Eating Your Greens.

Don’t forget that Matcha Tea Powder is an ingredient and can be used in cooking as well as drinks.

One of my recent experiments was Matcha Powder portage, which sounds odd, looks even odder but tastes great!

So.. Have you been inspired to try cooking with Matcha Powder or are you a seasoned user of Matcha Powder?

I would love to hear what your experience is with this product or why not share your favourite Matcha recipes with us in the comments below?

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  1. Thanks for these interesting posts on matcha green tea. I will try it out instead of my usual pre-workout coffee.

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