Make running fun and get more from your runs with these 10 quick wins

Make Running Fun

Make Running Fun

You need to make running fun when you first start out. Your goal as a new runner may be simple, lose some weight, join a social running club or maybe have some time to your self away from the stresses of home and work.
“Whatever your reason for starting to run, you will get more from your running if you follow these 10 quick tips to make your running safer and more fun. Let’s dive in…
Whatever your reason for starting to run, you will get more from your running if you follow these 10 quick tips to make your running safer and more fun. Let's dive in... Click To Tweet

  1. Be proud of your self:

    Everyone knows that keeping fit is a good move but not everyone has the drive or incentive to get off their ass and do something.
    Research over the years has shown that runners are happier, less angry and more optimistic than their couch potato counterparts.

  2. Be Patient:

    Running is a long game with slow progressive improvements. Every run will be different, some will be good, some will be less than you wanted and a few will be so epic they should come with a voiceover from Morgan Freeman.
    Just remember that, like life in general, running will have its ups and downs. Go with the flow and remember point number 1.

  3. Remember that Running is fun:

    Running is not just about constant improvement or knocking seconds off your favorite running circuit each outing.
    To make running fun you need to keep in mind that running is a pure experience and you should embrace this with an occasional run without a watch, just running for the enjoyment of movement.
    Running is a rare opportunity for you to de-stress from life and thinking of running this way will help boost your motivation an confidence. Click To Tweet

  4. Have a well-earned treat:

    Have a nice meal post race or buy a new piece of running gear, you have worked hard to get where you are and you should remember that it is not a sin to treat yourself after reaching a goal.

  5. Remember to read the instructions:

    Nothing can put you off a run more than having a piece of new tech that you are not sure how to use.
    Always read the manual or at least know how to use the stopwatch before you set off.

  6. Running Commute:

    Running home from work once or twice a week is a great way to work off the stress of the working day, if you are lucky enough to work where you can shower, why not try running into work instead?
    When you are just interested in getting from A to B, your run will not feel so much like a workout.

  7. Keep your pre-race meals simple:

    A good check here it to not risk foods that you have not had before.
    Don't go for foods that will sit like a cannonball and bloat you out on race day. Instead, find a simple pre-race meal or meals that work for you and stick to them! Click To Tweet

  8. Keep it interesting:

    By varying your routine and finding new running routes you will add interest back into your running.
    Try training for a new race distance like a triathlon or obstacle race challenge.

  9. Don’t fall over your shoes:

    Ok so this is a simple one but make sure your shoes are securely tied, either by using a double knot or elasticated quick change lases that you can pull tight.
    Don’t fall prey to either the flying shoe trick or a high-speed face plant, due to loose laces.

  10. Learn and enjoy:
    One of the ways you can make your runs more enjoyable is by the inclusion of various training techniques. Sprint drills, Hill running or Fartleks for example. Mix it up and have fun. Click To Tweet

What are you waiting for?

Go out and make your next run fun again.

So there are my 10 suggestions for making running fun, What are yours?
Have you tried any of these yourself?

Do you have you a story about your own “Morgan Freeman” narrated classic run you want to share?

We would all love to hear your stories so please join the fun in the comments below.

Wishing you Good Health & Happiness.
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