What Is HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training

What is HIIT

so.. What is HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training? what are the benefits of this type of workout over the traditional steady state cardio? and how will HIIT help you have a better body quicker?  let’s find out…

So what is High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT for short?

HIIT basically consists of periods of high-intensity work with brief rest sessions in between. The idea is that the brief rest periods allow you to produce more intense aerobic conditioning over a combined time frame that if the rest periods were not there.
At the end of a 20-minute workout, you could very well have spent over 10 min or more in the high-intensity action compared to say only 5-6 min continuous effort if you had no lower intensity rest periods.
High-Intensity Interval Training sessions typically last 30 minutes or less, however, there is no maximum or minimum length of HIIT workout and it should be dictated by your existing level of aerobic fitness.

HIIT workouts provide the ability to greatly improve your aerobic capacity in a reduced time frame. HIIT workouts also help in improving glucose metabolism which makes it easier for your body to produce energy from glucose.
High-intensity interval training is ideal if you are looking to reduce fat as quickly as possible and when mixed with a nutrient dense diet from whole foods, HIIT can literally help you transform your body in the fastest time possible.
A 2015 study of all available data or meta-analysis, found that those taking part in regular HIIT workouts had greater improvements in their V02 MAX that those that were doing normal cardio workouts.

How hard do you need to go?

The term High Intensity is open to various definitions and depends on your base level of fitness. The higher end of the intensity spectrum would consist of something like 80-90% of max heart rate, with rest periods of 60-70% max Heart rate.
As your heart rate is easily measured on the go these days, I would suggest you use this method over the more basic “perceived level of exertion” method, which can vary greatly.

Is HIIT worth the effort?

Well, tests have shown that HIIT not only improves the body’s ability to use glucose for fuel but it significantly helps to lower insulin resistance when compared to steady state cardio workouts.
HIIT has also been shown to significantly aid in the improvement in body composition, fat loss and even muscle mass.

Give HIIT a go…

Practically any physical workout that you enjoy can probably be worked into a HIIT workout, so why not have a go.
Make sure that you have a good base fitness before you blast off and try to do a killer High Intensity Workout.
Warm up fully before your HIIT session and take care to cool down fully at the end and stretch out any muscle groups where you want to help avoid excessive DOMS in the next day or so.
In a separate post, shown below, I have put together a small selection of HIIT workouts for you to try but as with everything exercise wise, it is a good idea to start slow.
3 of the best HIIT workouts.
One final note is that HHigh-IntensityInterval Training is not just for runners on a track.
The principals of HIIT workout can be applied to anything from weight training to swimming or cycling.

I hope you found this post on HHigh-IntensityInterval Training of use.
Has this given you the inspiration to up your training?
Are you going to give HIIT a go or have you been doing it for a while ?
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As always I wish you Good Health and Happiness.

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