Fasting Mimicking Diet


The Fasting Mimicking Diet has positive effects on pancreas regeneration and restores the ability to control blood sugar.
Much like intermittent fasting, the Fasting Mimicking Diet uses the bodys ability survive periods of famine and reduced food intake.

But what is a Fasting Mimicking Diet?

The bodies adaptive response to famine is to minimise energy expenditure and it achieves this by the atrophy of some tissues in the body.
Once food becomes available again the body starts a process of rebuilding the atrophied tissues and this break down and rebuilding of the tissues is carried out via stem-cell based regeneration.
Experiments have been done on rats and the results are said to be “potentially very exciting”

Fasting Mimicking Diet Reboots the Body.

Please do not to try this dietary approach without medical advice!!
Basically you would be looking at 5 days of low calorie intake, low protein and carbs but a high unsaturated fat.
Eat vegetables, nuts and soup at a total daily calorie intake of 800 to 1,100 Calories.
After 5 days normal eating can recommence, mimicking the feast and famine eating patterns of our ancestors.
As a potential added bonus, the Fasting Mimicking Diet also has research that suggests that it can slow the rate at which we age.
Who wouldnt mind missing a few meals for a longer and healthier life?

How does it work?

The experiments that have been carried out show that a cell called the “beta cell” was regenerated.
These cells are responsible for detecting blood sugar levels and releasing insulin if it gets too high.
The belief if that the extreme state of fasting involved in the Fasting Mimicking Diet causes the body to rebuild the parts of the pancreas that are not working correctly via the use of a biological rebuilding program.
This would benefit both type1 and type 2 diabetes.
To Quote part of the summary from the study published in journal Cell:

“Stem-cell-based therapies can potentially reverse organ dysfunction and diseases, but the removal of impaired tissue and activation of a program leading to organ regeneration pose major challenges.”


This looks to be a very exciting, if not totally new, piece of research and the development of treatments for Type1 and Type2 diabetes would be life changing for a lot of people, especially with most diets today causing diabetes at a scary rate in the developed and now the developing world.
Do you think this will become a life changing therapy?
It would be great to hear what your thoughts are on this.
Let me know what you think in the comments below.
As always, I wishing you Health and Happiness.

4 thoughts on “Fasting Mimicking Diet

  1. I will give this a go. I get trouble with bloating and it is painful at times. So this sounds ideal for me. Thanks. Great site by the way.

  2. How long till this becomes main stream treatment?
    Are any large scale human trials likely to take place in the near future?

    1. Hi, Thanks for your comment. From a scientific point of view I am not entirely sure. But look at all the success people have had with intermittent fasting and the health improvements associated with general dietary changes. On a basic level I think that any change from the obligatory “3 square meals a day” may be of help to a lot of people. Especially if sugar is reduced and care is taken not to eat excessive white carbs.

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