The Domino Effect – Find your "One Thing"

Domino Effect

In this post, I would like to talk about how the Domino Effect can work for you.
Like many of us, there are many times in your fitness journey where you will start a task, only to find that you needed to do something else first in order to do what you wanted.
Having done this “side task, you go back to complete the first task and get stuck again because…
You guessed it, you need to do yet another thing first before you can do what you actually set out to do.

Take losing weight as an example.

You start doing massive amounts of cardio to lose weight before reading that carbs are bad for weight loss.

You try and cut carbs only to find that your body needs to have more protein to compensate for the damage you are doing with all the workouts.

Then you find that you’re having too little fat and increase that only to find that you’re now putting on weight as you’re consuming more calories than before you started working out and cut carbs.

In this case, the lead domino, to allow the process to flow smoothly, may have been to look at your Macro and Micronutrient requirements, before you start cutting various things from your diet.

Or it may be to decide in advance on what type of exercise you want to concentrate on to improve your body, Weights or Cardio and then build your nutrition needs around your exercise. 

The same can be said for workouts.

For example, you want big arms so you grind out rep after burning rep of bicep curls and endless tricep dips. Progress is slow, frustrating and demotivating.

Your lead domino here may well be to gain a greater understanding of how Human Growth Hormone (HGH) works or, more to the point, how to make HGH work for you.

In this case, you may want to look at working legs on your arms day.

The reason?
Research has shown that working the legs or any large compound movement, will increase HGH release, more than just pumping endless iron with your biceps and triceps.

What does HGH help do?

That’s right, Grow Muscle!

Lining up your Dominos

Stop and take a breath… Feel better?

There is a lot of information out there on workouts and food, as well as which food to take and when… the list is endless.

A helpful tip to finding the lead domino in your personal “Domino Effect” is to find the one thing that progresses your goal, the one thing that will make progress today and every day.


The one thing will inevitably change and adapt on a daily basis but the principal is to do at least that one thing each and every day to progress your goal.

Gary Keller talks about the domino effect in his book “The One Thing” Where the principal is to look at each day as an opportunity to do the one thing that will progress your goals.

Without you go read the book, a simple overview is as follows:
  • Find your start point.
  • Set your end goal.
  • Set your mid-term goal.
  • Set any intermediate goals you may want.
    A set body weight for example or a certain set of reps on a given weight.
  • Now inspired by this list you can create yourself an action plan, or timeline if you like, where the key is to be aware of one thing you can do, each day, to help you hit your goals.

Armed with this relatively simple plan, you can achieve great things if you just take each day at a time and work out how to get your dominos falling.

Once you start, you will find it increasingly easy to progress.

So what’s your one thing today?

What sequence of events do you need to set in motion to achieve your goal or goals?

Thanks for reading and please let me know if you liked this post in the comments below.

As always, Wishing you Good Health and Happiness.

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