Danau Nebulizing Diffuser by Utama Spice – Review


I recently had the chance to try out the Utama spice Danau-nebulizing-diffuser from Utamaspice.com and I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised. 

From the beautiful Danau-nebulizing-diffuser packaging, which included lots of protective foam to keep it safe from knocks in transit to the elegant style of the unit itself. 

At the time of writing this, I am enjoying the Lavendar oil that comes with the unit mixed with a little pine oil, for a refreshing and uplifting experience.

So on to my review…

The Utama spice Danau-nebulizing-diffuser is a small unit with a classic design. 

From its wooden base, with the perfectly styled rotary dial to the blown glass bulb that sits on top of the base, the Danau-nebulizing-diffuser is a small yet stunning item that could hold its own anywhere, as a  piece working art.

Unlike some misters that I have used in the past, this mister is not big and bulky but small and elegant in its design and appearance.

But do not let this small size and elegant design fool you into thinking that it must be ineffective in its job, far from it!

This little beauty is more than capable of spreading some essential oil fragrance around a surprisingly large area and without diluting said fragrance as other delivery methods may do.

How does the Utama spice nebulizer work?

The Danau-nebulizing-diffuser uses Bernoulli’s principle to operate which is all to do with air pressure rather than vapourising a liquid and, aided by the single white LED that lets you see the unit at work, watching the mist swirl inside the glass bulb is both fascinating and enchanting. 

The unit can be powered directly via USB or from the USB adaptor plug that is provided.

I haven’t measured the provided USB cable but it must be around 120cm, which is plenty long enough to position on a table, low shelf or bookcase.

The unit operates for 2 min on and a 1 min pause, which means that the fragrance never becomes overpowering in an area. 


The unit has a well crafted variable dial which looks to be milled aluminium. This acts as both the on/off switch and allows you to vary the power (the amount of mist emitted from the unit). 

There is a low buzzing noise when the unit is in operation and a slight vibration can be felt.

The unit operates for 2min on and 1min off for a maximum of 2hrs, after which time the unit switches off its vapour production but stays illuminated.

Cleaning the Danau-nebulizing-diffuser.

Unlike some devices, this nebuliser needs a bit more TLC when it comes to cleaning however a soak in some hot soapy water gets rid of residual oil no problem at all. 

If you do have a need to go for a deeper clean then you can use plain rubbing alcohol to give the unit a good clean.

Full comprehensive instructions are included with the product, as well as a full video, which I will link to below.

Cleaning the Ionic Nebuliser


Overall this is a quality item that would be a great gift for anyone who wants to use pure essential oil diffusion without the need for water and or candles.

There is a small but noticeable buzzing noise when the unit is in operation, which some people may find mildly annoying,  but I personally genuinely do not have a bad word to say about this product.

The presentation is impeccable and the operation is both simple and effective.

You don’t need to worry about posting this as a gift to someone as the internal packaging is robust and perfectly tailored to protect the contents. 

This was a review of the Utama Spice Danau Nebulizing Diffuser from Utama Spice.

Utama Spice all-natural beauty care products.
Handmade in Bali from ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients


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