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Thoughts from the FaceBook Page… Jan 13 2019.

With regards to training, this past week has been a bit hit and miss for me. Yes, I am training for the Bath 1/2 marathon…

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Shakesphere, a better shaker?

I recently had the chance to try out a Shakesphere which is a shaker with a difference. The difference is that the inside of the…

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7 Daily Healthy Habits to Practice at Work
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7 Daily Healthy Habits to Practice at Work

We spend many of our hours at the workplace. If you are planning to lead a healthy lifestyle, developing healthy habits around the office is…

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5 muscle building tips
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5 Muscle Building Tips That Will Help Anyone Build More Muscle

Sometimes it is good to leave the ego at the door when trying to build muscle and improve your body composition. There are some things that…

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gym etiquette
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10 Gym Etiquette Tips for Beginners.

 Have you ever wondered what the underlying rules are when it comes to gym etiquette? When I talk about gym etiquette, I’m not talking about the…

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Make Running Fun
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Make running fun and get more from your runs with these 10 quick wins

Make Running Fun You need to make running fun when you first start out. Your goal as a new runner may be simple, lose some…

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Kickstart your Fitness
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Kickstart your Fitness – 5 steps to fitness success

5 Great ways to kickstart your fitness Is there a way you can kickstart your fitness? A way to make improving your health part of your…

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Barefoot Running EP:3

How to try barefoot running and get the best from your barefoot running experience while avoiding injury.

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How to set realistic new year's resolutions and goals
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How to set realistic new year’s resolutions & goals

In this post, I want to discuss how to set realistic new year’s resolutions, why new year’s resolutions do not work for everyone, how to…

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Wellness GPS

A Guest post by Allan Misner: Use your Wellness GP Without a wellness GPS, you may be asking questions like: Should I go keto? Should…

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