Can you improve your life with KYMIRA Infrared clothing? EP:11

KYMIRA interview with Tim Brownstone.

Episode 11 of the New Health Outlook Show: Can you improve your life with KYMIRA Infrared clothing? 

In this first episode of season 2 of the show, I talk to Tim Brownstone, the inventor of KYMIRA fabrics,  clothing that harnesses your wasted energy and converts it into beneficial infrared radiation.

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The show will cover:

  • How Tim came to name his company and how that name relates to KYMIRA fabric.
  • What made Tim decide to create the infrared materials now used in the KYMIRA range.
  • How this Infrared technology absorbs natural radiation that is given off by our own bodies and converts it into infrared light?
  • The research that inspired the development of KYMIRA.
  • What are Tim’s personal experiences of using his products and stories of how his passion for this topic has helped others?
  • As well as the commercial side, KYMIRA also has a medical connection.
  • How the average gym user or recreational athlete would benefit from using this gear.
  • Now let’s say that someone has a particular problem, like back pain when running or slow recovery from gym workouts. can these products help them in any way?
  • ECG tops that can predict a heart attack and a pre-natal version that monitors the foetus during its last trimester.
  • The biggest challenges to date in realising the development and application of these technologies.
  • K-Mask – designed to offer 99.6% filtration against viruses and bacteria.
  • How does Tim see the technology currently used in his products developing in the next 10 years?
  • Tim’s key points for you to take away from this podcast.



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4 thoughts on “Can you improve your life with KYMIRA Infrared clothing? EP:11

  1. Sorry Bob, but Tim and Kymira didn’t invent anything. The fabric they use is from a company called Celliant – https: // – and it’s used by many other brands.

    1. Hi John, Thank you for getting in touch. I passed your query on to Tim for Comment:

      “One of the fibres we use is Celliant, which we make no claims to have invented. I worked with Celliant as an academic to develop it for medical and performance applications when I was still in academia. Since then we have developed a recycled polymer fibre which is our KYnergy Infracycle.”

      1. I have been following Kymira and their claims for a long time. You should do your research a bit more in depth dear Bob instead of asking Mr Tim Brownstone to give you the answers he wants you to hear.

        Have you contacted Celliant and asked them if Tim ever worked or collaborated with them? You should!

        The so called KYnergy Infracycle product range was only introduced last year. All their other products claim to use KYnergy Polyester – that is Celliant!

        So many different stories… it sound a bit like how the Spice Girls came about.

        1. Hey, 80% Vegan Runner – nice name 🙂

          Thank you for your comment. As I state in my intro, my goal is to introduce people to things they may otherwise miss. I am not an investor or affiliate to Kymera and Someone who has issues that Celliant clothing or Kymeria sportswear may help with, but who has not heard of either of them, will benefit from the info contained in the podcast. I know that my personal experience is that the leggings I used were of help for my knee pain. So regardless of how people implement this tech to help recovery and healing or where they buy it, I hope it helps at least one person reduce their pain. That is all I can ask from recording this episode.

          If anyone else looks at the I would encourage them to look at the links in the comment above and come to your own conclusions.

          Stay healthy.

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