Blue Blocking Glasses Aid Sleep Quality

Blue Blocking Glasses

Blue blocking glasses, are they a valid sleep hack and if so, how do they work?

Following my post on sleep quality I wanted to to talk a little about Blue Blocking Glasses.

Can Blue Blocking Glasses help you improve your sleep and still let you work a little longer at night than you should?

While watching late night TV or working on that last minute presentation is not ideal for a great night’s sleep, there is a simple sleep hack that you might want to use in order to help blunt the effect of the blue light coming off your TV, Tablet or PC.
You see one of the main problems of our modern day life is the need to stop up and work past sunset or catch up on that must-see episode of your favourite TV show.
While our recent ancestors used to use fire or candles to light the night, the modern day lighting we now use is actually damaging our evening melatonin production and therefore, our ability to get that great nights sleep that we all crave.

In fact, the odd spectrum of man-made light in most modern offices, can have unwanted side effects during the day too.

Unexplained constant headaches at work?

Stress, maybe but it is also likely to be caused by the spectrum lighting we are forced to endure while flying our office desk.

So here’s the thing about modern lighting..

Any form of what I will call old generation lighting, like the above mentioned candles or fire light, tend to be a more natural red spectrum.

And what is the light like during sunset?

Thats right it has red hughes.

Turns out that evening exposure to the more blue light of modern day lighting is still a bit too “Blue” for our brains liking.
And this lack of red light in the evening can hamper melatonin production.

What does this disturbed melatonin production do?

Well at best it leads to an increase in sleep latency (the time it takes to fall asleep) and at worst can destroy your ability to get any quality sleep at all that night.

So how can you hack this problem?

Well, you can get apps to remove the blue light from your devices but there is a simpler solution.

Enter the orange tinted blue blocking glasses.

I find wearing orange glasses in the evening a lot more convenient than installing apps and the added bonus is you can still watch TV with no need to try and reduce the blue on the TV through “other” means.

Blue Blocking Glasses. Simple effective and maybe a little cool?

Well ok, maybe not cool but the fact that blocking blue light in the evening can drastically reduce your sleep onset latency means that it’s got to be worth a shot, right?

Do Blue Blocking Glasses work though?

A 2006 study, published in “the Journal of pineal research“, showed that blue blocking glasses represent a “elegant way to prevent light-induced melatonin suppression”.
In a separate study published in “Chronobiology International” in 2009, a randomised trial showed that amber lenses block blue light and aid in improving sleep quality…

“At the end of the study, the amber lens group experienced significant improvement in sleep quality relative to the control group. Mood also improved significantly relative to controls.”

There are many more varied research papers out there but to varying degrees they all point to the same conclusion.


I got my glasses off Amazon for less that £10 and they work well.
So if you’re new to biohacking or just want to get better sleep, give blue blocking glasses a try and let me know in the comments section how you get on.
You may be surprised at how well they work.
Sleep well fellow blue blockers.

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