Binaural Beats for Meditation, Study, Focus & more

In this post, I want to share with you my experiences with Binaural Beats, the different ways I have used them and attempt to cover some of the main ways I have found Binaural Beats to be useful.
I will start with a definition of what Binaural Beats are and then move on to what they do and how they actually work.
The final several sections of the post will cover some of the specific ways I have made use of Binaural Beats to help with Meditation, Study, Focus, Anxiety, Sleep and Relaxation.

Binaural Beats – A Definition

In its section on Beat Acoustics Wikipedia has a Binaural Beat described as:

A binaural beat is an auditory illusion perceived when two different pure-tone sine waves, both with frequencies lower than 1500 Hz, with less than a 40 Hz difference between them, are presented to a listener dichotically (one through each ear).

But what does this mean in simple terms?
Well… If, while using headphones, you listen to a tone in one ear at lets say a pure of 500 Hz and, just for fun, you listen to a pure tone of 510 Hz in the other ear, the resultant tone that the brain will pick up is 10 Hz or the difference between the two tones.
Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, a Prussian physicist and meteorologist, first discovered this interesting occurrence in 1839.
It wasn’t until 1973, However, that this finding was made more public when, in Scientific America, Doctor Gerald Oster published a paper called ‘Auditory Beats in the Brain’.

What do Binaural Beats Do?

So, using the example above, your brain will now be picking up a tone of 10 Hz.
The idea is that the brain will change its frequency of operation to match the frequency it is being exposed to. This way you could change you brains frequency to match any of the 5 states that have been identified.

The 5 Brainwave states

DELTA: 0.1-4 Hz  Relaxed, as in Deep Sleep.
THETA: 4-7.5 Hz REM sleep, Deep Relaxation and Meditation.
ALPHA: 7.5-14 Hz Relaxed Focus, Stress reduction and Positive Mood.
BETA: 14-40 Hz Focused Attention and Analytical Thinking.
GMMA: 40-100 Hz Cognitive Enhancement and Memory Recall.

By aiding your bain in entering any of these states you are, in effect, shortcutting the time it would take to naturally enter into such a state. this is particularly of use in Meditation or Relaxation where the ability to enter the desired state as quickly as possible is of great help.
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Do Binaurals Actually Work?

Well studies have been conducted and found that there is actually a noticeable benefit to using binaural tones for improving memory and anxiety1
Another study showed that Binaural Beats use could be beneficial to those with Parkinsons Disease 2

From personal experience 

In my experimentation with Binaural Beats, I have found them useful in a number of ways. some of which may be a personal placebo effect. but I have also found them to be useful in circumstances where it is easier to feel the effects and know that they are working.
I have used Binaural Beats to calm me down when my anxiety has been high, to reduce stress when I have been feeling overwhelmed and to aid sleep.

Binaural Beats Meditation

The next time you settle down to meditate, you should experiment with binaural beats for meditation improvement.
Your brain will find it easier to enter into a state of relaxed meditation and a Binaural Beats Meditation session can be deeper than a meditation session on its own.
Why not give it a try?
Search for Binaural Beats on Youtube and you will find lots to explore…

Binaural Beats Study

Using Binaural Beats for a study session is a great way to get the brain ready for taking onboard new information while becoming relaxed and not having the dread of potential loss of focus.
Because, with the use of binaural based study music, distraction and lack of focus will not be a problem as the brain will be in a relaxed and focused state, ready to take on new information and study with confidence.

Binaural Beats Focus

I found that listening to Gamma (40Hz) for at least 3 Minutes helped to improve my concentration and aid me in writing for 2-3 hrs. You do need a good pair of comfortable headphones or earbuds for this though.
I also noticed that a 30min Session of Beta (16-24 Hz) helped with periods of study.

Binaural Beats Sleep

Delta is the frequency at which our brain is sleeping. especially in the more regenerative later stages.
Listening to a delts Binaural sleep tone will quickly aid the brain in dropping into Delta and a state of advanced relaxation.

Binaural Beats Anxiety

How do you get the best results when using Binaural Beats to help Anxiety?
Consistency seems to be the key here.
have a comfortable area where you can go and relax, an area where you might meditate for example.
then lie back comfortable, control your breathing and play your anxiety beats.

Binaural Beats Relaxation

Much like Binaurals for Anxiety, Relaxation tones require some preparation to give the best results.
Find a quiet and comfortable place where you will not be disturbed.
Breath deeply and relax your mind with the power of the Relaxation tones.
remember that, once the tones finish, you should take time to reawaken and become ready to return to the world.
Do not suddenly rush to get on with your day, take a few moments, like you would when waking up naturally after a great nights sleep.

So there are my experiences with Binaural Tones.
What are your thoughts?
Have you used Binaural powered Meditation before?
Leave a comment and tell me which Binaural Beat Tone you prefer.

Wishing you good health and happiness

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Garcia-Argibay M, Santed M, Reales J. Efficacy of binaural auditory beats in cognition, anxiety, and pain perception: a meta-analysis. Psychol Res. August 2018. [PubMed]
Gálvez G, Recuero M, Canuet L, Del-Pozo F. Short-Term Effects of Binaural Beats on EEG Power, Functional Connectivity, Cognition, Gait and Anxiety in Parkinson’s Disease. Int J Neural Syst. 2018;28(5):1750055. [PubMed]

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