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Hi, I’m Bob Bird and If like me, you suffer from Depression and Anxiety, then
there is no need to let these conditions beat you!!

Being a sufferer of depression and anxiety myself,
I can appreciate your situation and help you.

This site is a passion of mine and my aim is to simplify the world of health and fitness, inform more people about the fascinating world of biohacking and help the those with depression and anxiety to feel more informed about all the choices they have to improve not only their physical health but their whole life and wellbeing. 

Take the first steps toward beating depression and anxiety, while improving your health and gaining a better understanding of your Mind, Body & Diet. With friendly advice and support, you will soon be well on your way to reaching your health & fitness goals as well as feeling more confident in everything you do.

“I asked Bob for a program that would help me lose some weight (4kg) but mainly a plan to keep me healthy and in shape. I got a plan that was easy to follow, not too long, and diverse, so I wouldn’t be bored.
I would recommend Bob because he was able to do a program that took into consideration health issues (like scoliosis) and still was successful helping me achieve my goal.”

Claudia B – Bristol Uk

What can NHO do for you?


Find out what works for you with custom workouts.

Meal suggestions, and habit coaching to help you reach your goals quicker.

How to achieve the body you always wanted in time for your wedding or holiday.


Improve your body and your mindset while getting into the best shape of your life in less time.

Spend less money on 1 to 1 Personal Training and achieving more than you ever thought possible with Online Personal Training.


Grow your body confidence along with your self-confidence.

Wear tight clothing or turn heads in your bikini or swimwear.

Have pride in your appearance and be proud to show your body on the beach.

“Bob helped me become more efficient with my workouts to enable me to get much more out of my time in the gym.
His advice on HIIT workouts and nutritional supplements really gave my weight loss program a kick start.
Bob’s style is to provide clear advice and tips without being too pushy which I really respond to and his friendly demeanor and positive outlook is great – I would certainly recommend Bob for any aspect of personal training.”

Adrian S – Bristol Uk


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