7 Basic Exercises


In this post I want to present to you 7 Basic Exercises and a simple workout program to start you on your path to a better body.

Weight loss is easy with these 7 basic exercises.
Basically eat less and move more because diet is 80% of the battle with weight loss.
The remaining 20% is where the sweat comes in.

I may cover dieting basics in a later post but for now, here are some basic exercises for toning and weight loss, based on body weight exercises and simple HIIT sessions.

You can find a free PDF of the workouts here: TrainingProgram  and below are videos of how to do the basic moves.

UPDATE: This is an old program and as of 2018, has the old logo. 


  • Seal Jumps

Basically like a star jump but instead of you arms coming to your side, your arms come together at the front.

  • Mountain Climbers

Assume a push-up position with your arms straight and your body in a straight line from your head to your ankles. Without changing the posture of your lower back (it should be arched), raise your right knee toward your chest.

  • Body Lunge

One leg is positioned forward with knee bent and foot flat on the ground while the other leg is positioned behind.

  • Push Up

A basic push up. If a full push up is too hard to start, do the first few weeks on your knees and not your toes.

The other exercises used in this program are Concept2 Rowing, Recumbent cycling and Hill walking.

If you have any comments on this post or any thoughts or suggestions for further training you would like me to cover, please leave a comment below.
Have Fun and Enjoy.

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