5 Muscle Building Tips That Will Help Anyone Build More Muscle

5 muscle building tips

Sometimes it is good to leave the ego at the door when trying to build muscle and improve your body composition.
There are some things that are worth doing properly, especially when it comes to the correct techniques that will help your muscle building go more smoothly.
Here are 5 tips to help gym newbies and seasoned gym goers build or maintain more muscle.

Maintain good form

Before you even go near a barbell you need to have a clear image in your mind of the exercise you are planning to do.
Make sure you are clear about how the lift or press will go, what the muscle movement should feel like and how your body should feel while performing the exercise.
Having poor form can be one of the best ways to give yourself an injury, either now or down the line from the development of muscle imbalance or joint strain.
As a beginner, the key to making a consistent change to your body through muscle building exercise is to work the muscle you are targeting fully and through a full range of motion.

Lift the right weight

We have all been tempted to lift the heaviest weight we can from time to time, but this is by far one of the best paths to injury.

Lift heavier to get big muscles though right?

Well… not exactly.
Lift heavier to get big muscles though right? Well... not exactly... Click To Tweet
It has been shown that a lower weight with higher reps and sets can elicit the same hypertrophy as a hight weight with fewer reps and it has less of a chance to cause tendon strain too.
The key seems to be the volume of work put through the muscle.
Time Under Tension is the key term here.
Find out more about Time Under Tension Here

Control the movement

A lifting tempo can be a real pain in the…well in the muscle if it is done right.
A lifting tempo is usually written as 2-1-3-1 for example, Where 2 is the number of seconds to lift, 3 is the number of seconds to lower and 1-second pause at the top and bottom.
You usually find that the eccentric part of the lift, like when lowering a bicep curl, has a longer count.
Eccentric parts of lifts actually do more damage to the muscle fibres and this is what causes muscle growth.
Use as much control as possible, no jerky movements or allowing the weights to bounce around.
Done well, controlling the lift with a good form and tempo will connect to the next point…

Focus on the muscles

The mind muscle connection is one of the best ways to focus on making a muscle work hard.
Focus your attention on the muscle that is doing the lift. In the case of a bicep curl, for example, really focus on squeezing the bicep at the top of the range of motion.
Looking at the muscle directly or in a mirror is a good way to focus your attention on the working muscle and make it work as hard as possible.

Improve your mindset

Get into the gym and engage your mental best mode.
Mentally tell yourself that “this will be the best workout I have ever done”.
And then get at it, attacking each exercise with full confidence and positivity. Positivity will always go a long way toward helping you push your comfort zone and push out that one last rep.
Shut out any negative thought you may have and concentrate on being your own “rocky” in a training montage.
If it is your thing then stick in the headphones and turn up the volume on that motivational mix you put together. Whatever works for you… use it.
The mind is one of the best tools you have… make it work for you.

So to conclude, the 5 Muscle Building Tips That Will Help Anyone Build More Muscle are:

1 Maintain good form
2 Lift the right weight
3 Control the movement
4 Focus on the muscles
5 Improve your mindset

Do you have anything you would add to this list?
let me know in the comments below.

Wishing you good health and happiness.

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  1. These are very informative muscle building guide and this will prove to be very useful for my muscle building program being a beginner.

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