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Make Running Fun

Make Running Fun You need to make running fun when you first start out. Your goal as a new runner may be simple, lose some weight, join a social running club or maybe have some time to your self away from the stresses of home and work. “Whatever your reason for starting to run, you will get more from your running if you follow these 10 quick tips to make your running safer and more fun. Let’s dive in… Be proud of your self: Everyone knows that keeping fit is a good move but not everyone has the drive or incentive to get off theirRead More →

how to set realistic new year's resolutions

In this post, I want to discuss how to set realistic new year’s resolutions, why new year’s resolutions do not work for everyone, how to set yourself realistic goals and how to guarantee that you will smash them. The new year is a time of resolutions and goal setting… This is the time of year where most people will take on the personal and sometimes peer pressured challenges that we commonly call new year’s resolutions. Now don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with setting personal challenges and with the correct use of SMART objectives they can be a motivational tool that leads toRead More →

Wellness GPS with Allan Misner

A Guest post by Allan Misner: Use your Wellness GP   Without a wellness GPS, you may be asking questions like: Should I go keto? Should I go vegan? Should I do cardio during the same workout I do strength exercises? Why is the scale going up when I’m doing everything right?   Since you are on Bob’s New Health Outlook site, I’m guessing you are here to answer some questions. CONGRATULATIONS! Before we go too far there is one thing we must do first. We must set our wellness GPS. What is a wellness GPS? Like the GPS in your car or on yourRead More →


Nootropics Nootropics can be described as supplements or substances that improve cognitive function. In particular they are known to improve one or a mixture of executive functions, memory, creativity or motivation. I first started experimenting with nootropics by taking Vinpocetine or Vinpo as some people call it. However we won’t get into discussions on specific nootropics here as this is just a general overview and introduction to the topic and my hope is that, after reading this post, you may understand a little bit more about nootropics, should you decide to investigate and try nootropics for yourself and maybe develop your own nootropic stacks. SomeRead More →

B Vitamins

So What Are B Vitamins ? B Vitamins are not just a single vitamin but a set of vitamins grouped together. Vitamin B is water soluble whereas Vitamin D, A and E etc are only fat soluble. Many of the brain’s functions and metabolic reactions require one or more B group Vitamins in order to take place, in fact optimal neural functioning would not be possible without vitamin B. As B Vitamins are water soluble, the body can not store them and a fresh dietary intake is needed. If no Vitamin B is consumed for a few days, mental and cognitive impairment would be noticeable. See thisRead More →

Creatine Benefits

Creatine Benefits, Why Creatine Monohydrate is best and how can Creatine benefit your workouts? Hi, I know there is a lot of information out there on Creatine and Creatine Benefits but I just wanted to give you a quick roundup of what I found while doing my own reading on the subject of Creatine, what is it and how do you get the best from it. The first thing I should clear up is that CREATINE IS’NT A STEROID! The second thing to point out is that CREATINE WILL NOT RUIN YOUR KIDNEYS! You should always be drinking lots of water while using Creatine anyway andRead More →

Blue Blocking Glasses

Blue blocking glasses, are they a valid sleep hack? Following my post on sleep quality I wanted to to talk a little about Blue Blocking Glasses. Can Blue Blocking Glasses help you improve your sleep and still let you work a little longer at night than you should? While watching late night TV or working on that last minute presentation is not ideal for a great night’s sleep, there is a simple sleep hack that you might want to use in order to help blunt the effect of the blue light coming off your TV, Tablet or PC. You see one of the main problems ofRead More →

The Domino Effect

In this post, I would like to talk about how the Domino Effect can work for you. Like many of us, there are many times in your fitness journey where you will start a task, only to find that you needed to do something else first in order to do what you wanted. Having done this “side task, you go back to complete the first task and get stuck again because… You guessed it, you need to do yet another thing first before you can do what you actually set out to do. Take losing weight as an example. You start doing massive amounts of cardio toRead More →