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What is Sugar

What is sugar, how is sugar used in the body and how can you avoid hidden sugars in your foods. So… what is sugar? Well, the main type of sugar you will probably be thinking of is the granularised commercial table sugar, the type of stuff you put in your tea or coffee. This type of sugar is a processed form of what is usually found in most plants.  Sugarcane and Sugar Beet are the two that are used for the production of the sugar you are thinking of when you ask, what is sugar? Sugar is a soluble carbohydrate that is found in foods. Simple sugarsRead More →

Fasting Mimicking Diet. episode 7

Episode 7 of the New Health Outlook Show: The Fasting Diet How to use Intermittent fasting to lose weight & improve your health. This Show will cover: The Benefits of Green Space to Health Body Composition and Mental Performance in Old Age How the Fasting Diet helps to Reboots the Body The Benefits of Oily Fish Enjoy This podcast is taken from the following original post: 36 Hour Fasting Links Mentioned: NHS EATWELL Related Posts: Forrest Bathing General Links: Subscribe to the show on iTunes Subscribe to the show on Android Subscribe to the newsletter New Health Outlook Show is a simpleRead More →

Free From Festival

Find Out More About The Free From Festival In October 2017 I went to a new festival held in the Bristol Passenger Shed by Temple Meads train station… The Free From Festival. Not knowing what to expect from the free from festival, I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised. Finding out about some great companies, eating some good food and meeting some very interesting guest speakers. You can read about one of the interesting companies I connected with, The Food Diary Company, here: Recovering from IBS and Coeliac disease. I reached out the founder of the Free from Festival, Margarita Kalna, to see what theRead More →

Kickstart your Fitness

5 Great ways to kickstart your fitness Is there a way you can kickstart your fitness? A way to make improving your health part of your daily routine… part of your life? A lot of people ask this question and in this post, I will give you 5 tips to help you begin to build fitness into your daily routine. Don’t let all the conflicting information available online make you hide away in a corner and decide not to build a fitter you. You know that you need to do more than just sitting and watching TV. But when and how do you start slotting fitness intoRead More →

Recovering from IBS and Coeliac disease

A Guest Post by: Laura Mulkerne of the Food Diary Co Recovering from IBS and Coeliac disease The pre-diagnosis days Have you ever felt so sick that you constantly felt on the verge of throwing up? Or had the sort of trapped wind pain that sends you straight back to bed on a morning? Maybe your symptoms are bowel related and frankly, you just don’t like to talk about it but you and your toilet are best buds now. I have been there. My name is Laura, I’m the creator of The Food Diary Co, and I created a stylish food diary for people who needRead More →

Lose Weight Safely and keep it off

How to lose weight safely and keep it off There are many ways to lose weight safely and keep it off, and some ways that are not so safe. To lose weight safely and keep it off you don’t need to do massive amounts of cardio, sweating till your eyes hurt or diets that are so restrictive you constantly feel like eating your shoes. There are many ways to lose weight, but sometimes all you need is a simple change in habits. In this post I will be focusing on some basic dietary changes that should kick start your journey to a healthier body. CarbohydratesRead More →

how to set realistic new year's resolutions

In this post, I want to discuss how to set realistic new year’s resolutions, why new year’s resolutions do not work for everyone, how to set yourself realistic goals and how to guarantee that you will smash them. The new year is a time of resolutions and goal setting… This is the time of year where most people will take on the personal and sometimes peer pressured challenges that we commonly call new year’s resolutions. Now don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with setting personal challenges and with the correct use of SMART objectives they can be a motivational tool that leads toRead More →

Wellness GPS with Allan Misner

A Guest post by Allan Misner: Use your Wellness GP   Without a wellness GPS, you may be asking questions like: Should I go keto? Should I go vegan? Should I do cardio during the same workout I do strength exercises? Why is the scale going up when I’m doing everything right?   Since you are on Bob’s New Health Outlook site, I’m guessing you are here to answer some questions. CONGRATULATIONS! Before we go too far there is one thing we must do first. We must set our wellness GPS. What is a wellness GPS? Like the GPS in your car or on yourRead More →