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Back Pain Relief

Need some relief from your back pain? When it comes to back pain relief you can look at medication to temporarily ease the pain or you can go to the root cause and put in some work to help with long term back pain relief and prevention. I was recently asked what exercise I would use for relieving back pain, following an accident and all clear from the GP. This post is my thoughts and reply to that queston. How do I relieve my back pain? Firstly I would suggest having a look at the bodyweight or none loaded exercises, like the ones in theRead More →

Back from this mornings early long run. Nothing special just a 6:30 am slow 10 miles along the Bristol Portway, watching the sunrise and listening to the sounds of nature waking up to a damp and cool Sunday morning. Although I have been running to work more often recently, 10 miles is still a big increase in my normal long runs of late. why? well because I felt like it and mentally I knew I could do it… So what is the point of this weekends post? Well, I want to throw 2 points out there this week and see if any of them helpRead More →

With regards to training, this past week has been a bit hit and miss for me. Yes, I am training for the Bath 1/2 marathon but it is coming off the back of near 3 months of a near chest infection and a further 2 months of getting energy back and a helping of Christmas and new year. Which leads me onto my point. It is never too late to start chasing your fitness goals and there will always be times when you seem to have gone backwards and have to start again. The important thing is to never give up on yourself and keepRead More →