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What is Cholesterol? Any Basic coverage of Cholesterol must start with a clear definition, so here goes. Cholesterol is from the ancient greek Chole- and Stereos. Then there is the -ol on the end, which indicates an alcohol. Cholesterol is a naturally produced waxy substance which is produced by the liver and is also found in red meat, high fat cheese, butter , eggs and other natural foods. Cholesterol is essential for good health and plays an important role in how every cell in the body works, is needed for the body to make Vitamin D (along with sunlight exposure), is used to make someRead More →

Fasting Mimicking Diet

The Fasting Mimicking Diet has positive effects on pancreas regeneration and restores the ability to control blood sugar. Much like intermittent fasting, the Fasting Mimicking Diet uses the bodys ability survive periods of famine and reduced food intake. But what is a Fasting Mimicking Diet? The bodies adaptive response to famine is to minimise energy expenditure and it achieves this by the atrophy of some tissues in the body. Once food becomes available again the body starts a process of rebuilding the atrophied tissues and this break down and rebuilding of the tissues is carried out via stem-cell based regeneration. Experiments have been done on rats andRead More →

7 Basic Exercises

In this post I want to present to you 7 Basic Exercises and a simple workout program to start you on your path to a better body. Weight loss is easy with these 7 basic exercises. Basically eat less and move more because diet is 80% of the battle with weight loss. The remaining 20% is where the sweat comes in. I may cover dieting basics in a later post but for now, here are some basic exercises for toning and weight loss, based on body weight exercises and simple HIIT sessions. You can find a free PDF of the workouts here: TrainingProgram and below are videosRead More →

Creatine Benefits

Creatine Benefits, Why Creatine Monohydrate is best and how can Creatine benefit your workouts? Hi, I know there is a lot of information out there on Creatine and Creatine Benefits but I just wanted to give you a quick roundup of what I found while doing my own reading on the subject of Creatine, what is it and how do you get the best from it. The first thing I should clear up is that CREATINE IS’NT A STEROID! The second thing to point out is that CREATINE WILL NOT RUIN YOUR KIDNEYS! You should always be drinking lots of water while using Creatine anyway andRead More →

The Domino Effect

In this post, I would like to talk about how the Domino Effect can work for you. Like many of us, there are many times in your fitness journey where you will start a task, only to find that you needed to do something else first in order to do what you wanted. Having done this “side task, you go back to complete the first task and get stuck again because… You guessed it, you need to do yet another thing first before you can do what you actually set out to do. Take losing weight as an example. You start doing massive amounts of cardio toRead More →

Injury free barefoot running

Want to try injury free barefoot running? Learn from my experience and you could save yourself from injury. Disclosure: This post has some Amazon links and if you purchase via one of these links it will help fund this site, at no cost to you. Thank you. Buy the Book Hi folks, many years ago I read “Born To Run”, by Christopher McDougal and wanted to Injury free barefoot running for myself. This is the book that sparked my interest in minimal footwear back in 2010. If you are interested in finding out more about Mexico’s Tarahumara Indians, probably the greatest distance runners, you willRead More →