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How to Practice Mindfulness When You’re Anxious

There are many people who suffer from an alcohol addiction and anxiety. Sometimes the anxiety can lead someone to abuse alcohol and other times the addiction can cause someone to have anxiety. No matter the situation you are in, you should know that mindfulness can help to relieve anxiety and improve your recovering lifestyle. The first thing to note is that anxiety isn’t bad in every aspect. Having a bit of anxiety can remind you that you need to make changes in your life. You need to do something to help you feel better and reduce the chaos in your life. With that being said,Read More →

How Mindfulness Improves Mental Health

Creating mindful habits in your everyday life will have lifelong benefits for your overall mental health. It is far too easy to go through your days in a rush without stopping to enjoy the moment, and how do you feel in your most stressful times? You wish you could rewind and avoid taking those moments for granted to bring joy. Luckily, mindfulness is about the present and not the past. No matter where you are in life, there are simple mindfulness skills you can build to make the most of your time and reduce stress along the way. Healthy Habits Mindfulness is a powerful toolRead More →

10 Ways Working Out Can Help You Boost Your Mental Health

This guest post, by Patrick Bailey, will be covering the many ways that exercising helps you boost your mental health and stay on top of your game. It is widely accepted that working out confers physical benefits that can prevent a myriad of diseases from diabetes to cardiovascular problems. The World Health Organization recommends at least 150 minutes of exercise every week for adults. In the report, it is noted that lack of exercise is one of the greatest contributors to global mortality. However, physical health is not the only reason you should work out regularly. Exercise has many mental health benefits that can improveRead More →

whole-body vibration training

Top 10 Prominent People Who Are Into Whole-Body Vibration Training Whole-body vibration training is a great way to get in shape. After all, always working out hard doesn’t sound all that enticing, does it? Running around for miles, doing dozens of pushups, HIIT or even lifting weights is just too strenuous. If you’re a young twenty-something-year-old who wants to achieve a certain body type, maybe this sounds inviting, but for those who aren’t, there might be better exercises to do in order to stay fit. One such exercise is whole-body vibration training. Perhaps the reason why whole-body vibration training isn’t all that well-known yet isRead More →

7 Daily Healthy Habits to Practice at Work

We spend many of our hours at the workplace. If you are planning to lead a healthy lifestyle, developing healthy habits around the office is a fundamental piece of the puzzle. Unfortunately, the workplace tends to be our most significant impediment to leading a healthy lifestyle. Thankfully, you can make small changes in the work environment to have a stronger body, mind, and spirit. No need for drastic changes, these five tips will do. Replace the candies with nuts and fruits You may have already resolved to avoid the 2 p.m. round of snacks and candy, but after a stressful morning and the engaging meetings,Read More →

Free From Festival

Find Out More About The Free From Festival In October 2017 I went to a new festival held in the Bristol Passenger Shed by Temple Meads train station… The Free From Festival. Not knowing what to expect from the free from festival, I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised. Finding out about some great companies, eating some good food and meeting some very interesting guest speakers. You can read about one of the interesting companies I connected with, The Food Diary Company, here: Recovering from IBS and Coeliac disease. I reached out the founder of the Free from Festival, Margarita Kalna, to see what theRead More →

Recovering from IBS and Coeliac disease

A Guest Post by: Laura Mulkerne of the Food Diary Co Recovering from IBS and Coeliac disease The pre-diagnosis days Have you ever felt so sick that you constantly felt on the verge of throwing up? Or had the sort of trapped wind pain that sends you straight back to bed on a morning? Maybe your symptoms are bowel related and frankly, you just don’t like to talk about it but you and your toilet are best buds now. I have been there. My name is Laura, I’m the creator of The Food Diary Co, and I created a stylish food diary for people who needRead More →

Wellness GPS with Allan Misner

A Guest post by Allan Misner: Use your Wellness GP   Without a wellness GPS, you may be asking questions like: Should I go keto? Should I go vegan? Should I do cardio during the same workout I do strength exercises? Why is the scale going up when I’m doing everything right?   Since you are on Bob’s New Health Outlook site, I’m guessing you are here to answer some questions. CONGRATULATIONS! Before we go too far there is one thing we must do first. We must set our wellness GPS. What is a wellness GPS? Like the GPS in your car or on yourRead More →